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Reprographics Ltd?

GS United Reprographics Ltd, with a business history since 2016, is now the leader in the Cyprus printing industry of Magazine, Books, Catalogues, Brochures Jurnals and Packaging.

Through the long-term relationship of trust with the business world of Cyprus, our team’s promotion and marketing department, applies the strategitic development methods, therefor investing in quality and reliability. With most of our staff crediited with over 30 years of experience, we pride ourselves on the high-quality of service we provide.

We offer in-house Web and Sheetfed printing, stitching and binding. We are fully equipped to provide a final product for any Magazine, Book, Brochure, or Catalogue request.

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Our Values

We operate professionally, ethically and honestly. We remain intact in our promises.

We take responsibility for our actions. Our priorities are the wellbeing of our employees, and our client’s satisfaction.

We are continuously innovative and in line with new technologies.

Our Group conducts viable and ethical business activities in accordance with applicable laws and regulations.

Corporate Social Responsibility

The principles of Corporate Social Responsibility are the basis in which the GS United Reprographics Ltd has developed its business strategy. We aim to develop the three main pillars: Market, Society, Human Resources.

Despite the recession in the economy due to Covid-19, our companies have been investing in all production lines, aiming at sustainability and ability to service the industry’s needs.

We have set priorities and objectives which ensure the development of the organization,  its employees and partners.

Community work

Being situated in the Industrial Area of Kokkinotrimithia Nicosia the local community and environment are very important to us.

Charity Work

Alongside one of the charitable donations for local organisations, we have undertaken special charitable projects to raise large sums of money to benefit the people in our community.


As many of our employees live and work in Kokkinotrimithia we take our environmental responsibilities very seriously. We are constantly looking for ways to reduce our Carbon footprint and invest in greener technologies.

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