Print can be a little tricky to get your head around especially with some of the industry specific vocabulary that we use. Our Customer Service Team are always on hand to assist you and provide solutions to problems you might be facing but we wanted to go even further. To help our customers and visitors to our website we have produced a range of materials to better explain some common points of concern or confusion.

Our favourite tools are our quick videos that cover a broad range of questions, you can also find lots of useful information in our weekly blog posts which are added every Friday lunchtime. You can find our helpful guides on our social media pages especially on LinkedIn and YouTube


We have some quick links to some of the common questions we are asked by our customers. Each of these pages also has a helpful video which we hope you will find useful.

What are the differences between Web and Sheetfed printing

What Is The Difference Between Web And Sheetfed Printing?

Here at NBF we offer both Web and Sheetfed printing in house to best suit your printing requirements. Each process uses the same method of offset litho to print but there are some key differences between the way both types of machines produce work. Each is best suited to a particular type of print run and they both have their own strengths and weaknesses. Choosing how to produce your print will have a significant impact on price and is well worth researching. This video below will easily and quickly give you a good understanding of what to expect from both our web and sheetfed presses.

We hope that this video helped but if you would like to know a little more please don’t hesitate to get in touch with your Key Account Manager or our Helpdesk at

To learn more about both processes you can read more by visiting our Web Printing or sheetfeed Printing pages. Or if you would like to talk directly to our customer services team please feel free to choose from any of the options below:

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Call Customer Support: +357 22872080 Or email our Helpdesk at

What is Offset Litho?

What do we mean when we say Offset Litho?

Here at NBF Graphic Solutions Ltd we describe ourselves as offset litho printers and you probably would have either heard the term before or seen it mentioned on our website. Like many industries we have our own vocabulary of terms or processes that for us are second nature but are often confusing for people new to the industry to understand. Offset litho is the technical term for the method of printing that we employ to produce your magazine, catalogue or brochure.

To help explain the process in a simple and easy to digest way we have produced this short video.

Offset Litho Explained

Hopefully this has helped to better explain what printers like us mean when we say we use “Offset Litho”. If you would like to talk to us about your individual printing requirements our customer services team are ready to assist you. You can contact your Key Account Manager, visit our Contact Us page or email us directly at

How do I upload my PDF proofs?

How Do I Upload My PDF Proofs?

We are often asked by new customers about how to vest upload their print ready PDF files and to approve them using We Transfer

For any further technical questions please don’t hesitate to contact the origination team using the details below.

Prepress –

What do we mean by pre-press?

What do we mean by pre-press?

The Pre-press department is also known as Origination.

Customers are able to supply their jobs via our Xerox Versant 3100 Press. Pre-Press Portal system. All files are automatically pre-flight checked, and the refined print-ready files can be reviewed online.

Alternatively, our colour proofing, or content correct proofs, can be supplied upon request.

We also offer an in-house design facility.

All customers can have direct telephone access to our Origination dept. Our Prepress team is on hand to assist with workflow issues.

Our Plant list

Heidelberg Topsetter

Lotem 800……..

Which is better suited to my job - Litho or Digital printing?

Digital Print Or Litho? Which Is Best Suited For My Needs?

There has been a great deal of advances made in digital printing over the last decade and it is finding a strong niche for itself in the print industry. As we have seen from web and sheetfed litho printing there are several different production methods that are best suited to particular types of printed job. Digital print is no different. There are some key differences in how these effective methods of printing achieve their high quality results.

To help you decide which method you would like to use this video quickly and simply highlights the main general strengths and weaknesses of each process. As technology in the industry continues to advance some of these differences may change so it is well worth keeping in touch!

Offset litho
  1. Higher quality images,
  2. Unit cost decreases as quantity increases,
  3. High quality and cost effective for high quantities,
  4. Wastage and colour consistency improvements
  5. Prints to a wide range of materials,
  6. Allows web and sheet feed printing
  1. Shorter lead times,
  2. Less waste,
  3. Cheaper for small runs of less than 1000,
  4. Every copy can be unique

Hopefully this will help you decide which method is best suited for your printing needs. If you are still unsure we would advise that you ask your account manager, print provider.

If you would like to talk to us about your individual printing requirements our customer services team are ready to assist you. You can contact your Key Account Manager, visit our Contact Us page or email us directly at

If you are not able to find the answers to your questions above please don’t hesitate to email our helpdesk at and we would be delighted to answer them for you.